Gaetano Luporini was born in Lucca on  December 12, 1865 and studied there with Carlo Angeloni and at the Conservatory in Milan with Alfredo Catalani.   He wrote a number of operas, including : Marcella (1889), I dispetti amorosi (1894), La collana di Pasqua (1896), Nora (1908), L’aquila e le colombe (1914), Chiaro di luna (1925), Amore e morte (composed in 1922 but performed only in 1965) and Jack Broder (1934, incompleted).  Luporini also composed orchestral, sacred  (Messa a 4 voci e grande orchestra, 1906) and vocal music. He served as director of Lucca’s Pacini Institute between 1902 and 1937. Luporini  died in Lucca on December 5, 1948.