DI CAGNO Pasquale,

Pasquale Di Cagno was born in Bari on 27 January, 1888.   He was a child prodigy and already played the guitar at the age of four and the piano at the age of six.    In 1911 he won a competition for a song with orchestral accompaniment. He moved to Milan in 1912 and  attracted the attention of major composers such as Mascagni and Puccini. His first opera, Frida, was well received at the Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari in 1924 and at the Teatro di San Carlo  of Naples in 1932. Toscanini wanted to produce Frida at La Scala, but  was forced to leave Italy. Further operas include: Maremma, Passiflora and Ondina, which Di Cagno considered his masterpiece but never performed. His production includes an orchestral Suite in five movements, Chanson-Dance for voice and piano,  Improvvisazione cromatica su tema di valzer and a Gavotta e scherzo.   Pasquale di Cagno  died in Milano on 27 October, 1965.